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The Skinny…..Week 7

Week 7…..the skinny on my week.

1.  On my nightstand…….


The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett, Collage Lab by Bee Shay, The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith, Cloth Paper Scissors Jan/Feb 2015 Issue

2.  What I’m watching…..

I’m watching Scandal on Netflix……it’s addictive, I’m hooked and I can’t seem to stop till I have seen every episode.

3.  What I’m listening to……Podcasts!  I’m kind of late to the party… the world of podcast has exploded….there seems to be a podcast on everything imaginable.  I have dipped my toes in and started … when I walk the dog I’m listening to a podcast….specifically Girl on Guy, Creative Insurgents, and Balzer Designs.

4.  What I’m wondering about…….Is rudeness a genetic trait or is it a learned behavior?  I’m seriously wondering about this…not in a sarcastic kind of way….but in a bewildered kind of way.  Yes, there was an incident (there always is), and I was annoyed and stunned at how utterly rude the behavior was.  The incident involved some unruly children who were exhibiting ill-mannered behavior in a very loud way….and I was flummoxed by the fact that both their parents and grandparents were present and not one of the four adults tried to correct the behavior.   Did the parents not care or did they not see the behavior as rude?  Perhaps, they are just as rude in life so to them it was normal.  This made me think about my own upbringing.  I was taught manners like most children (or so I would like to think)….but I don’t recall any lessons or corrections in my behavior being made because I was being rude (that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen).  Maybe, some people instinctively know or realize if something is offensive and others are just missing that gene.

5. Things I learned this week……

  • It’s an old adage….but new to me! – Red at night, Sailor’s delight.  Red sky in morning, Sailor’s warning.  This means that a red sky at night forecast good weather, but a red sky in the morning means rain.
  • Murmuration – a group of Starlings.  Someone had posted a video on Facebook showing the Starlings whipping all around.  The next day on the way to the gym I saw the same thing in the sky above me (on a smaller scale)….now I will forever remember it’s called a murmuration.

Till next week…..Cheers!

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Mermaid Monday 2-16-15

Happy Mermaid Monday……Monday’s seem to come around so fast!

I saw this great commercial during the Superbowl…..and although Mermaids were not mentioned….it confirmed my affinity with the water.  If ever there was an argument for the supposition of Mermaids existing, John F. Kennedy has found it. Carnival Corporation just made a cruise lover out of me.  Enjoy.

I was window shopping recently and wandered into a cute little boutique, where I stumbled upon Sea La Vie (what a great name….wish I had thought of that!).  The brand sells some great looking bags/purses, wallets, and many other goods.  Of course….my favorite part is that some of the products have this cute mermaid emblem.  Yes!…..I want one…..because of the mermaid……it’s going on my list!

Hope you enjoyed the post, I’m looking forward to sharing my sighting with you next week.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Just wanted to share a few of my Valentine projects…..

Altered book page

Altered book page

Valentine postcards

Valentine postcards

For my brothers; I tried to create a Valentine's postcard using my favorite picture of my Nanny & Poppie.

For my brothers; I tried to create a Valentine’s postcard using my favorite picture of my Nanny & Poppie.

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Book Lover Here…..

I do so love a good book – and when I finish one I like to share (meaning….talk it to death) that experience with others. Unfortunately when I start talking books around my home….my house-full of men get a glazed look on their faces….I recognize this look… it’s the same one I feel wash over my face when they start talking sports.  So….I will share my thoughts on books here!

This blog post isn’t your typical book review, for the following reasons.  Number one; I try to abide by the golden rule of – If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  So… won’t find a negative review here….I will only mention the books I did like.  Number two; I’m not looking to give myself homework assignments… there will not be any in-depth paragraphs about the book’s characters and plots.  Instead, I will list my “Take Aways”, and I always have something that I take away from a good book.

Last week I finished two books; Midnight Crossroads by Charlaine Harris and The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright – they are so very different – but I loved them both.

Midnight Crossroads by Charlaine Harris

Midnight Crossroads by Charlaine Harris

Take Aways:

  • I love, love, love Charlaine Harris
  • I love that the author uses characters that we know from her others series, it makes me feel more connected or invested in the story.
  • Charlaine Harris has this talent for being able to throw a multitude of elements into one book and make it work.
  • A pawn shop can be a magical place!  If objects could talk, I bet they would have some big stories to tell.
The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright

The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright

Take Aways:

  • I so want to learn to Ballroom Dance.
  • There is a rose variety called “Mermaid”.
  • Izvinite……means “Forgive Me” in Russian.
  • I wish there actually was an official Panera Bread Literary Society.
  • Often times I find that there is a sentence, paragraph, or passage that moves me… much so that I write it down.  From The Unexpected Waltz……
    • “I may have woken up beside a dead man once, but he woke up beside a dead woman every day.”
    • “I say izvinite – for every moment I have wasted.”

Thank you Charlaine Harris and Kim Wright for your marvelous books…..the hours I spent reading was time well spent!  If your looking for a good read, you can’t go wrong with either of these titles.

Happy Reading!


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Mermaid Monday 2-9-15

Happy Mermaid Monday!

I have been remiss yet again…..missed a few Mermaid Mondays….but I’m back!!

A few weeks ago, I had a ladies “framily” (friends/family) luncheon – this is always a blast!  Afterwards, my cousin Julie suggested we all go browsing at the Mermaids Grotto.  Hold Up!  What?  Umm….yes, please!   This was a crafty little place in Ponte Vedra Beach, where everything whether refurbished, handmade, or just plain ol resell was on consignment.  I loved it all…and was filled with so much inspiration that I wanted to go home and create something!  Sidenote: It never happened….I have follow-thru issues I’m working on…..BUT….I’m still inspired nevertheless!  I took a couple of photos….because how could I not!  If you want to check them out on-line, their address is


I really want to find an old door and do this.  Not sure what that hole at the bottom was for…..handmade cat door maybe?


I also want to take a minute and tell you I just finished a book called The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright…..really good book!  I will talk more about the book in a later post…..but now I wanted to say that Kim Wright introduced me to a rose variety called “Mermaid”.  I’m so excited about this… now I’m planning on putting that at the top of my birthday list.  I can just see it….my backyard swimming in “Mermaids”!  It puts a smile on my face.

***Note:  This rose photo is the result of a Google search.  The photo belongs to

***Note: This rose photo is the result of a Google search. The photo belongs to

Here’s hoping you have some mermaid sightings of your own this week!  See you next Monday.


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Mermaid Monday, 1-19-15

Happy Mermaid Monday!!

It’s been a slow mermaid week for me.  I had zero sightings, one picture was forwarded to me, and I read two write ups (one about an author, the other on an artist) who coincidentally were mermaid lovers.  Unfortunately, nothing really blog worthy.  I did however, finish the book, Mermaids in Paradise by Lydia Millet.  It was a good read, a bit slow at the beginning but picked up when the mermaids were discovered.  I was a bit disappointed, as the mermaids didn’t play an active role in the book. They, the mermaids, were discovered, then there was the ensuing uproar and controversy about their discovery, and finally they escaped.  The bulk of the book was about the tourist who discovered them and how they tried to contain and control, unsuccessfully I might add, that discovery.  All in all, the book was entertaining and Millet writes very interesting characters.

Mermaid picture forwarded to me this week by a friend.  It was taken at a shave ice place in Florida.  It appears to be a soap dispenser or something along that line.

Above:  Mermaid picture forward to me by a friend.  It was taken at a Shave Ice place in Florida.  It appears to be a soap dispenser or something along that line.  Too cute!!

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Mermaid Monday 1-12-15

Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?  Apparently, I do, especially if there is a mermaid on it!mermaids in paradise

I came across this beauty while browsing in the library the other day, and honestly didn’t (and still don’t) care what it was about!  The book title is Mermaids in Paradise and it’s by Lydia Millet.  I checked it out solely based on this mer-licious cover. Currently, I am only about fifty pages in so I can’t give a thumbs up or down as of yet…..but I’ll let you know next week.

Happy Mermaid Monday…….

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Mermaid Monday 1-5-15

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, and that means…..resolutions!  I pretend as if I am not making any when secretly my mind is racing with ways to improve myself and my life.  Although, as I get older I find that I am trying to make my goals much more realistic.  For example….one of my goals is to blog more.  That is doable as I really didn’t blog that much last year, but I have made it much simpler still, by not requiring myself to write anything more than a sentence or two.  That takes a lot of pressure off….and who knows….maybe short posts will attract readers.

Psych……this isn’t one of those short and sweet posts I was bragging about…..for today is Mermaid Monday, and I actually have something I want to share.  This past Thursday, aka New Year’s Day, I was doing a bit of cleaning up and clearing out….as we often do when we welcome the new year.  I happened upon a sweet little mermaid figure (by Katherine Kiss) that I had purchased a few years ago.  I hated that I couldn’t find a way to display her… I was bound and determined to change that.

I knew we had some coral and shells in the garage; as we brought some back from Hawaii when we were stationed there (Yes, former military)… I went in search of them.  I played with different pieces of coral and various shells for a couple of hours until I found a way for the mermaid to perch naturally.  Once I had it set just right….I took like a zillion photos.

DSC_0218 (2)DSC_0232 (2)DSC_0226

Then I said to myself, “Now what? Where can I put this where it won’t fall apart or be knocked over by one lovely…but very curious cat?”.   A light bulb went off….what about those cloches I purchased from Target (on clearance) a couple of months ago, one of those might do the trick.


I was liking it a lot….but not loving it….and I wanted to love it.  So, I asked myself; “How can I make it better?”.  Visually, I felt like it needed to be elevated a bit…..and I knew I wanted to light it up.  I searched the house high and low and found a glass cake plate and a string of tiny lights (on wire); now we’re in business.  It turned out great and now my tiny little mermaid is in the spotlight…..where she should have been long ago.

DSC_0252DSC_0254 (2)

DSC_0253 (2)

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Mermaid Monday (8/25/14)

Unfortunately I have not come across a single mermaid this week (I didn’t think that would happen). In an effort to continue a good thing (blogging every Monday evening) I have dug up some Mermaid sightings from the last couple of months. Sightings might not be the right word here….as most of them are things that were sent or given to me. This is definitely one of my favorite listings.

1. Mer-Mandi. My good friend Mandi happened to come across a Mermaid cutout……so what’s a friend to do when she knows she has a Mermaid obsessed friend…..take a photo and send it to her, of course. Thanks Mandi!


2. Another good friend created this birthday message for me. I didn’t even know she could draw until I received this…..she was hiding talent! Thanks, Melissa.


3. Altered book pages by the über talented Glenda Shulleta and equally talented daughter Amanda.




4. A high school classmate recently visited Italy and posted a picture of a Mermaid floating high above the city at sunset. Thanks Danny.


Well, that’s it for this week. Here’s hoping my eyes will be swimming with mermaid sightings over the next seven days.

P.S. I did watch the movie “Mermaids”; love that Cher goes to a costume party dressed as a mermaid!

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Mermaid Monday (8/18/14)

I could have….should have….done this earlier (or even yesterday as I intended), but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for a sunset dip. The water was fabulous and I had the pool all to myself! This leisurely swim also gave me the chance to think about my mermaid sightings for the week.

1. Right out of the gate, less than 24 hours after my last post……I went with a friend to run errands and came across a turtle statue with a mermaid on it. I love these ‘artist’ statues. If you’re not familiar with them…….a community, town, or city will have artist paint/decorate one of many of the same statues and they are auctioned off to raise money. Many of the statues are still on display throughout the communities. I have seen this done with fish in Richmond, Virginia…..with mermaids (yes, you heard me right!!!) in Norfolk, Virginia……with Shrimp in Amelia Island, Florida……and now I have discovered they did this with turtles here in Jacksonville, Florida. I saw one of these turtles at the Jax Zoo several months ago… when I saw the same statue (painted differently) I knew what was going on… I will be on the lookout for them everywhere.



2. My dear friend Sarah sent me a text from Waikiki with pictures of mermaid figurines she happened upon at the Sheraton. I imagine she was out and about having a grand adventure! Thanks, Sarah!
I love this one……it makes me think of superheroes (WonderWoman)!

Looks like a wedding cake topper to me!

Love this one too…..this is what most of us would look like as mermaids!

3. Did anyone see the Shark Week commercial with Rob Lowe? He is waterskiing (sort of) on the backs of two sharks…..and a mermaid is sitting on one of the sharks beside him!
Check out the commercial on You Tube.

That’s all I got for you this week folks. Here’s hoping you’re seeing mermaids everywhere. Cheers.

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