Posted by: k67winn | April 17, 2015

People Watching 4/9/15

What do a strolling mariachi band, butt cracks, and a child gymnast have in common? These are all things I witnessed first hand from the comfort of my beach chair!  Yes, I tell you the beach is an amazing place to watch people… put that book down…..and take a look around….there are a million stories walking right in front of you.

I had company in town last week, and we decided to spend a day at Jacksonville Beach.  The water was like ice, but who cares when the sun is shining and the temp is in the 80s!  I had taken a book with me to enjoy while basking in the sun….but found that I was thoroughly distracted by the parade of characters in front of me.  So, I made a list for you of….


1. A three man strolling “beach style” mariachi band.  Yes!, they were actually playing the instruments as they walked up and down the beach…..and we caught the show twice!


2. A girl doing front walkovers beside her parents as they walked along the shore line.  She really was amazing…she did like 20 in a row right in front of me.

3.  Too much butt crack!  This one woman’s bathing suit was so low that more butt crack was exposed than was covered up!

4.  A RESCUE!  Everyone was OK – swimmers must have been pulled out too far by the current.


5.  My son talking up some girlies who were sunbathing next to us.

6.  A man who went into the ocean with sweatpant UNDER his gym shorts.  This was a repeat performance about every half hour.  That’s a lot of heavy material once it gets wet!

Next time I go to the beach…..I will leave the book at home and carry a notebook and pen instead!  So many stories!!



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