Posted by: k67winn | March 25, 2015

Whale-Eyed Tree

I love trees.  They are beautiful and it seems the older they get the more beautiful and full of character they become (kind of like people!).  Last month, on an outing to Kingsley Plantation, I was admiring all the trees dripping with moss, when this guy caught my EYE!DSC_0051

It was strange really, as no one else seemed to notice him.  To others, I suppose, I was just that odd ball taking pictures of random things.  I easily took a dozen pictures and had to drag myself away from his mesmerizing stare, to finish my tour.  Last week I returned to the plantation, telling my son; who came along, that I wanted to do the audio tour this time.  The truth was I wanted him to see my Whale-eyed tree.

DSC_0052 (2)

It was gratifying to hear him say that his favorite part of the Kingsley Plantation was the tree.  I have a feeling he will look at trees a little differently now, if only to look for their character.



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