Posted by: k67winn | February 24, 2015

Mermaid Monday (on a Tuesday) 2-24-15

I didn’t have a big week for Mermaid sightings…..but a few amusing things popped up on my radar.

A friend sent me a text saying that Home Depot sells Mermaid cabinet knobs….and sure enough they do.  I will have to get a couple for the top drawer of an old dresser I have.


Now for some Mermaid Madness…..

I find it amusing that Mermaids have a way of popping up in conversations (fictitious and real) when you least expect it.  I was watching an old episode of The Big Bang Theory on my DVR and was tickled when Raj and Sheldon mentioned them. Sheldon was wondering how mermaids have babies, and Raj answered that they lay eggs on rocks….check it out below.

I was a little disappointed that Sheldon did not argue Raj’s explanation…..surely they should have debated whether a Mermaid is a fish or a mammal (laying eggs vs live birth)!!  Oh well!

Cheers….till next week!


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