Posted by: k67winn | February 17, 2015

Mermaid Monday 2-16-15

Happy Mermaid Monday……Monday’s seem to come around so fast!

I saw this great commercial during the Superbowl…..and although Mermaids were not mentioned….it confirmed my affinity with the water.  If ever there was an argument for the supposition of Mermaids existing, John F. Kennedy has found it. Carnival Corporation just made a cruise lover out of me.  Enjoy.

I was window shopping recently and wandered into a cute little boutique, where I stumbled upon Sea La Vie (what a great name….wish I had thought of that!).  The brand sells some great looking bags/purses, wallets, and many other goods.  Of course….my favorite part is that some of the products have this cute mermaid emblem.  Yes!…..I want one…..because of the mermaid……it’s going on my list!

Hope you enjoyed the post, I’m looking forward to sharing my sighting with you next week.




  1. So cute!

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