Posted by: k67winn | February 10, 2015

Mermaid Monday 2-9-15

Happy Mermaid Monday!

I have been remiss yet again…..missed a few Mermaid Mondays….but I’m back!!

A few weeks ago, I had a ladies “framily” (friends/family) luncheon – this is always a blast!  Afterwards, my cousin Julie suggested we all go browsing at the Mermaids Grotto.  Hold Up!  What?  Umm….yes, please!   This was a crafty little place in Ponte Vedra Beach, where everything whether refurbished, handmade, or just plain ol resell was on consignment.  I loved it all…and was filled with so much inspiration that I wanted to go home and create something!  Sidenote: It never happened….I have follow-thru issues I’m working on…..BUT….I’m still inspired nevertheless!  I took a couple of photos….because how could I not!  If you want to check them out on-line, their address is


I really want to find an old door and do this.  Not sure what that hole at the bottom was for…..handmade cat door maybe?


I also want to take a minute and tell you I just finished a book called The Unexpected Waltz by Kim Wright…..really good book!  I will talk more about the book in a later post…..but now I wanted to say that Kim Wright introduced me to a rose variety called “Mermaid”.  I’m so excited about this… now I’m planning on putting that at the top of my birthday list.  I can just see it….my backyard swimming in “Mermaids”!  It puts a smile on my face.

***Note:  This rose photo is the result of a Google search.  The photo belongs to

***Note: This rose photo is the result of a Google search. The photo belongs to

Here’s hoping you have some mermaid sightings of your own this week!  See you next Monday.




  1. Mermaid Mondays! I couldn’t love this idea more. I’m also a bit mermaid obsessed, so I’m really looking forward to exploring your blog. Yay, mermaids! (Just to illustrate how big a fan I am . . .

    • Donna….Thanks so much for commenting. It amazes me how many Mermaid lovers there are out there……they are my people/my pod so to speak! I just checked out your Etsy shop… amazing! Cheers!

      • Alas, it is not my shop. Only a collection of other sellers’ items that fit my theme. Thanks, though! Do you do the Coney Island Mermaid Parade?

      • Coney Island Mermaid Parade!!! I’m in Florida so that probably won’t happen…..but will have to look for photos on line. Thanks!

      • I think you should make a plan to join us for the Mermaid Parade one year. My crew and I do a killer float every year, and it’s fantastic. I think you would love it! Anyway, you’re always welcome. It’s the first Saturday after Summer solstice. Typically falls on either the 3rd or 4th Saturday in June. Hope we can see you one of these years!

  2. Donna…thanks so much for the info….I will definitely be thinking about it. You never know…..that’s 4 months away!

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