Posted by: k67winn | January 6, 2015

Mermaid Monday 1-5-15

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, and that means…..resolutions!  I pretend as if I am not making any when secretly my mind is racing with ways to improve myself and my life.  Although, as I get older I find that I am trying to make my goals much more realistic.  For example….one of my goals is to blog more.  That is doable as I really didn’t blog that much last year, but I have made it much simpler still, by not requiring myself to write anything more than a sentence or two.  That takes a lot of pressure off….and who knows….maybe short posts will attract readers.

Psych……this isn’t one of those short and sweet posts I was bragging about…..for today is Mermaid Monday, and I actually have something I want to share.  This past Thursday, aka New Year’s Day, I was doing a bit of cleaning up and clearing out….as we often do when we welcome the new year.  I happened upon a sweet little mermaid figure (by Katherine Kiss) that I had purchased a few years ago.  I hated that I couldn’t find a way to display her… I was bound and determined to change that.

I knew we had some coral and shells in the garage; as we brought some back from Hawaii when we were stationed there (Yes, former military)… I went in search of them.  I played with different pieces of coral and various shells for a couple of hours until I found a way for the mermaid to perch naturally.  Once I had it set just right….I took like a zillion photos.

DSC_0218 (2)DSC_0232 (2)DSC_0226

Then I said to myself, “Now what? Where can I put this where it won’t fall apart or be knocked over by one lovely…but very curious cat?”.   A light bulb went off….what about those cloches I purchased from Target (on clearance) a couple of months ago, one of those might do the trick.


I was liking it a lot….but not loving it….and I wanted to love it.  So, I asked myself; “How can I make it better?”.  Visually, I felt like it needed to be elevated a bit…..and I knew I wanted to light it up.  I searched the house high and low and found a glass cake plate and a string of tiny lights (on wire); now we’re in business.  It turned out great and now my tiny little mermaid is in the spotlight…..where she should have been long ago.

DSC_0252DSC_0254 (2)

DSC_0253 (2)


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