Posted by: k67winn | August 19, 2014

Mermaid Monday (8/18/14)

I could have….should have….done this earlier (or even yesterday as I intended), but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for a sunset dip. The water was fabulous and I had the pool all to myself! This leisurely swim also gave me the chance to think about my mermaid sightings for the week.

1. Right out of the gate, less than 24 hours after my last post……I went with a friend to run errands and came across a turtle statue with a mermaid on it. I love these ‘artist’ statues. If you’re not familiar with them…….a community, town, or city will have artist paint/decorate one of many of the same statues and they are auctioned off to raise money. Many of the statues are still on display throughout the communities. I have seen this done with fish in Richmond, Virginia…..with mermaids (yes, you heard me right!!!) in Norfolk, Virginia……with Shrimp in Amelia Island, Florida……and now I have discovered they did this with turtles here in Jacksonville, Florida. I saw one of these turtles at the Jax Zoo several months ago… when I saw the same statue (painted differently) I knew what was going on… I will be on the lookout for them everywhere.



2. My dear friend Sarah sent me a text from Waikiki with pictures of mermaid figurines she happened upon at the Sheraton. I imagine she was out and about having a grand adventure! Thanks, Sarah!
I love this one……it makes me think of superheroes (WonderWoman)!

Looks like a wedding cake topper to me!

Love this one too…..this is what most of us would look like as mermaids!

3. Did anyone see the Shark Week commercial with Rob Lowe? He is waterskiing (sort of) on the backs of two sharks…..and a mermaid is sitting on one of the sharks beside him!
Check out the commercial on You Tube.

That’s all I got for you this week folks. Here’s hoping you’re seeing mermaids everywhere. Cheers.


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