Posted by: k67winn | August 12, 2014

Mermaid Monday (8/11/14)

The day has started to slip through my hands yet again…..but fortunately, before the strike of midnight (thankfully several hours before) I have remembered that today is Monday….and my Mermaid Monday post is due! I vow next week to complete this Sunday night, making Monday’s post much easier. I have spied some lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of the Mer variety this week, I hope you enjoy.

1. First up….my mother sent me a site on Facebook referencing a swimming school in the Philippines. The aptly named school is called The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy. Wow, this looks really hard (my abs are already crying out in pain)…check it out at
mermen (2)
Mermen……to change things up a bit!

2. My sister sent me a picture of a mermaid she stumbled across in an antique store. I have seen so many of these lately, I don’t believe that it’s an antique…..but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful in my eyes.

3. I was catching up on the pony roundup on Chincoteague (I love that place!), and a post I read led me to a blog by The Tripping Blonde about her time spent on the island. What write-up about an island would be complete without at least one picture of a mermaid……none….luckily there was a photo of some art for sale on the island. Check out the blog at….and you may want to go to Chincoteague for more than the pony swim.
woodenmers (2)

I can’t mention Mermaids and Chincoteague without bringing up the fact that a very talented artist by the name of Katherine Kiss lives and creates on the island. Check her out on Etsy at I love her stuff! I always (both times) leave the island with something she created.

4. Tuesday evening, I went with some friends to the Artwalk in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. Low and behold there was a mermaid….out of water, no less! Apparently, Jacksonville has an aquarium in the works and have starting promoting it….even though it will not come to fruition till approximately 2016. They are probably trying to generate interest and funding for the project.
IMG_7533 (2)

5. Lastly……I must say….everyone should have a thing and tell those they know and love about it….as you know mine is the mermaid. I like the fact that I am often thought of…..and I am, every time my friends and family see a mermaid. I get emails, texts, pictures, postcards…..and not too long ago I was the lucky recipient of a mermaid platter! How lucky am I! Truthfully, the best part is knowing that I am thought of often! Below is the lovely platter that some family members picked up for me while at an estate sale!

…..and that’s it folks….this completes my mermaid sighting for the week. Hope you enjoyed it.



  1. Loving all the mermaids this Monday, especially the mermen!

    • ….awww…yes…there is just something special about a man who can swim! Ha!

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