Posted by: k67winn | August 5, 2014

MM (Mermaid Monday) 8/4/14

I am on a roll now! This will make two consecutive Mondays that I have posted something……cannot tell you what a big deal that is. To be honest, tonight I was torn between going to bed and writing this post. Two things stopped me from going to bed….the desire to actually write (and become a blogging Diva) and my love of mermaids. Baby steps, right…..I can do a short blog of my mermaid sightings for the week…..easy peasy……so here goes.

1. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at these Jimi Hendrix stamps…..and just now realized that the backing sheet has a mermaid in the picture.
hendrix mermaid
hendrix mermaid2

2. Last week I was standing in line at the Publix deli….waiting patiently to get a sandwich made. The lady in front of me HAPPENED to have a mermaid tattoo on her calf; so I took a picture of it (Yes…I am that person, but I did however ask permission first…..I’m sure my husband was mortified regardless! Oh well!)

3. One of the latest books I have been perusing….figured if I claim to love mermaids so much….the least I can do is learn some history/folklore about them. The book has some stories and tidbits; for instance, I learned that among the Caribbean Islands a mermaid is called Mama Alo. I really liked that along with this Portuguese rhyme.
mermaid quote

4. Finally……I was reading and came across a reference to Anna Maria Island in Florida….and since I am a relatively new transplant to Florida I wanted to find out where it was and get an idea of what it looked like. Turns out it is a beautiful little island near Tampa which is just a hop, skip and jump (and a four hour drive) from where I live. I am already mental planning a vacation there. In my picture search a mermaid sand sculpture popped up.
mermaid sandcastle

Well that’s it for this week folks….can’t wait to see what I discover between now and next Monday!




  1. So much prettiness!! Love that mermaid tattoo especially!

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