Posted by: k67winn | July 29, 2014

Mermaid Monday

Number 27 on my list of things to do this summer is become a blogging Diva…..which means I need to step up my game and blog more than four times a year!! So here goes…..I’ve designated Mondays as “Mermaid Mondays”. Why, you ask (so glad you did)…….because I love mermaids and thought I would share with you weekly how often they come into my life. Sometimes, I seek them out (like on Pinterest), sometimes friends and family send me mermaid filled messages and mail (bless their heart!), but often times they show up when I just go through my boring day-to-day activities It’s really quite nice….adds a little magic to my day.

1. Received a postcard today from one of my favorite people (Thanks, Mandi!).

2. In the last week I buried myself in these two books by Deborah Smith….and I thoroughly enjoyed them! Yes, in case you are wondering, they have mermaids in them!

3. I am participating in an Altered Book group with some of my very crafty family members….and since they all know about my love affair with mermaids….they often indulge me and put mermaid art in my book. These two beauties were done by my über talented sister (Thanks, Liz!).


Well, I hope you enjoyed my mermaid sightings for the week……be sure, there will be more next week! Cheers!



  1. Love the altered books!

  2. Lovely artwork!

    • Thanks, my sister is a great artist!

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