Posted by: k67winn | September 30, 2013

The Wooing of Hotei

image A morning of running errands to suffer through….I decided a reward was in order. I went to Pier 1, as there was a Buddha I’d been eyeing. I told myself that if he was still there, then I would make the purchase. At least a month had passed since the last time our eyes locked, so the odds were not in my favor. I swung the door open and peeled off in the direction of our last encounter. To my surprise, I didn’t even need to look for him, somehow he finagled prime real estate……angled towards the door as if ever watchful for my return…..because we both knew it was inevitable. Our eyes met, they lingered…..then my eyes slowly roamed his physique, taking in his bronzed skin and infectious smile. Ever so bold, I reached out and ran my hand over his smooth bald head. Then, surprising both of us, I turned my back and walked away. I needed some time to cool off and clear my head. I paced the aisles, internally debating if there was a possibility he might go on clearance soon, or should I just bite the bullet and take him home with me today. As I arrived full circle….I discover someone else coveting MY Buddha…..this man was schmoozing the sales lady with his knowledge of the different Budai in the store. I promptly inserted myself in the conversation, laying claim to MY Buddha, by stroking his head and stating that this guy is my favorite. I discovered that MY Buddha actually has a name; Hotei, also known as the Laughing Buddha. Well at this point what can I do…..”Ring em up.”, I say, I couldn’t let Hotei go home with someone else. Hotei sat there laughing at me……I have no defense……I’m a sucker for a great smile!


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