Posted by: k67winn | July 14, 2013

I hate that I haven’t written anything in at least three weeks now. I got out of my groove while visiting family and have had a hard time getting back……and it is across the board…..not just blogging, but daily journaling came to a screeching halt as well. I am trying to find my way back…… On the plus side I have read a couple of really good books….”Gone Girl”, by Gillian Flynn and “Dead Ever After”, by Charlaine Harris and spent some quality time with family. Though the trade was worth it….I’m ready to get back in the saddle. It’s funny though, how good habits are easily broken and often hard to maintain… meanwhile bad habits seem to be second nature and we often struggle with breaking them. It just doesn’t seem fair. I like to write, I find it very rewarding….yet here I sit unable to find anything worthy of blogging about. I know that if I just push through it will get easier……but in the meantime…let me introduce you to ‘my only man of the hour’…..also known as Moose, my three year old chocolate lab.


‘I know you’ll never bring me flowers. Flowers – they will only die…..and though we’ll never take a shower together, I know you’ll never make me cry….you never argue, you don’t even talk….and I like the way you let me lead you when we go outside and walk….will you really be my only man of the hour….my only man of the hour….my only many of the hour.’ (‘Man of the Hour’, by Nora Jones)


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