Posted by: k67winn | June 17, 2013



I have a very strong desire to explore… I wander. This desire doesn’t necessitate large excursions…often times you can find me wandering around my own neighborhood…..but it does necessitate that a camera be on my person at all times. I don’t usually plan my wanderings, I am already out and about running errands or something…..then I will become curious about where this road goes, or I heard that just up the street is a great Farmers Market……and the next thing I know I am off and running. Now, before everyone becomes concerned for my wellbeing, let me state that I am not heading into the woods, down dirt roads, or onto private property….and I am always aware of what’s going on around me, etc., my safety DOES have a higher priority than my curiosity. Anyway, in the last few weeks I have wandered around a military base (legally)…..ambled through the town of St. Augustine, and stumbled upon some beautiful water lilies while trying to determine where “that” highway went.


My aimless roaming is almost always rewarded with something fantastic to photograph. Someday I would like to wander on a grander scale but until I hit the jackpot, I will have to console myself with traipsing in my backyard (so to speak). If you are interested in my finds…check back here for ‘Wednesday Wanderings’. Ciao.




  1. There are always things to appreciate, wherever you are. Lovely photos.

    • Too right you are. Thanks!

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