Posted by: k67winn | June 8, 2013

Memorbilia Lost pretties!

Hello… pretties!

I have been lamenting the loss of the bits and pieces that I usually collect to record my life. A friend and I share/trade postcards of our travels, because we have a mutual love of adventure and it’s just plain old fun. I keep them, adding them to my journal or scrapbook, as I would playbills, birthday cards, and fortunes from a night of Chinese food. You see, I’m a hoarder…. of memorabilia! They say the first step is admitting it…..right? But the hard cold fact is that memorabilia is slowly disappearing from this technology driven world we live in. We order our tickets to plays, concerts, sporting events and even movies on-line, meaning that instead of those hard ticket stubs, we have letter size pieces of paper that eventually get thrown in the trash. Keeping that full size piece of paper is just not the same as keeping a ticket stub….the page is too large, to flimsy, and the ink smudges after riding around in the bottom of my purse for a week or two. Recently I went to the movies, actually purchased my tickets there…..and still did not receive the traditional movie stub……instead they printed out a tiny, thin piece of paper, ripped it in half and gave me what was left. I guess I can still save that scrap of paper….and honestly, I will…..but it’s just not the same!! And postcards……well, postcards are just plain disappearing. My friend and I were talking about her birthday excursion, and she mentioned how disappointed she was to discover that the souvenir shop she visited didn’t have any postcards. Of course this conversation led to the suspicions on both our parts that it won’t be long before they do away with them altogether. Sadly, I have a feeling that my hoarding days are numbered. This ultimately will eliminate the need for my televised intervention, and relegate the ticket stub and postcard to trivia questions……but tragically will leave me with a hoarding void that will need to be filled. Here’s hoping it won’t be cats!!



  1. Hard to believe that souvenir shops don’t sell postcards…that’s crazy! Thank goodness the results of your hoarding will fit in a shoebox, or a few. No cats…please!!!

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