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(Image pulled from Google)

(Image pulled from Google)

Anyone out there believe in destiny and or coincidence??

Destiny, fate, kismet, coincidence, serendipity, fortune…they are all great words….who wouldn’t like to believe that life has a plan for each of us….and sometimes helps us realize that plan by guiding us….dropping the proverbial bread crumbs for us to follow.

Friday night I saw the movie “Now You See Me” (great movie by the way), near the ending there is a scene set in France. Specifically Pont de l’Archevêché, the bridge with the love locks …I found this fascinating because in the space of just a few days….that same bridge has popped up in a blog I read, in a post from a high school friend on Facebook (it’s on both of our bucket lists)…and now in the movie. Anything in threes is supposed to be good (right)….does this mean anything at all…or purely coincidental?

Recently I watched the entire six seasons of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix. Why? you ask; I was interested in the watery setting. Anyway, I completed that and had just picked up a book by Nicholas Sparks (because I read an article in Coastal Living Magazine which mentioned that he sets many, if not all of his books along bodies of water)….this book, Best of Me, was set in Oriental, NC. I looked up Oriental on the internet, hoping to supply the story with a visual as I read. Turns out that Kevin Williamson, creator of Dawson’s Creek is from there….and coincidentally the main character in Best of Me, is named Dawson. There were many parallels between Spark’s book and Dawson’s Creek beyond settings. The main characters were soul mates; one of which is from the wrong side of the tracks ….and the most interesting coincidence would be that I didn’t like the ending of either….that said, I don’t mean it was bad, just that there was no happy way to wrap up these stories. In Dawson’s Creek, who should Joey end up with; Dawson or Pacey? I sooooo wanted Joey and Dawson to give their relationship a chance; but destiny stepped in every time and nixed it before it even had a chance. It also needs to be said that as much as I wanted Joey and Dawson together….I also loved Pacey and wanted he and Joey to work out too. In the end, the audience really doesn’t know what will happen in the character’s futures. In Best of Me; Dawson and Amanda have a few days together after several decades apart. Amanda’s marriage is falling apart and I was hoping she would leave her husband…but at the same time I hated for Dawson to be the home wrecker….I wanted her children to love Dawson, and knew they wouldn’t under these circumstances. In the end, Dawson does give Amanda the best of himself ….but not in a way you would expect. As I read this book I knew there was just no way to end it happily… just wouldn’t work. Reminds me of Romeo and Juliet….Shakespeare has the monopoly on story line….soul mates from different sides of the tracks…..all writers can really do is take his formula and apply it to another setting.

Which brings me to Stephen King…..I think he may have said something similar about Shakespeare in his book On Writing. In his book he was also talking about putting characters in situations and letting them work themselves out of them. He mentioned Carrie……and guess what….while at the movies Friday night there was a preview for the new “Carrie” movie; the preview consisted of scenes he discussed in the book.

Everything just seems to be connected lately….at least it seems as far as reading and writing go. Don’t know that it means anything, except maybe I should keep doing what I’m doing……fates little way of encouraging me, letting me know I’m on the right path.



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