Posted by: k67winn | May 28, 2013

Project Life – 2013

Opening page for 2013.

Opening page for 2013.

I have been recording my life in bits and pieces since childhood. I used the old scrapbooks, before they became attractive and trendy….the albums had black pages. The embellishments and decorations were those that I created on the fly….pretty little somethings; colorful gum wrappers, stickers, and the occasional umbrella from fancy drinks (non-alcoholic, of course). In high school the books were basically made up of dance corsages, cross-country ribbons, pictures, and (gasp!) love notes! About five years ago, I stumbled across Project Life by Becky Higgins. The first year I tried to do this project….the kits sold out shortly after sales for them opened up…..meaning I wasn’t able to purchase the kit. I was so in love with the idea…that I didn’t let a little hiccup like lack of product stop me. I purchased an album and page protectors (six pocket style), determined to make it work. Luckily Becky Higgins enabled readers/followers to download some inserts for the book from her blog and thus breathed life into my first year’s album. Since then I haven’t looked back. I was able to purchase kits in the years that followed. I love the kits….cards designated for the beginning and ending of the album and journaling cards (large and small)…..having those on hand takes the headache out of the project. Becky Higgins took, what I consider, to be my personal journal to a whole new dimension…..and I love her for it, because she showed me (through looking back at the album), what an amazing life I have. It’s easy to remember the big events; weddings, vacations, and graduations….it’s the small things that fade from our memories…these are the things that are recorded daily. Don’t get me wrong, I do include pictures from big events…in fact I’m a little snap happy so my year has been known to actually take up two or three albums. I also have a tendency to include postcards, graduation and wedding announcements, photo Christmas cards….really any number of things that I receive but am reluctant to throw out. There are no rules to the project though, one can personalize it any way they want…a picture a day, a page for the month….whatever works for the individual…..the main thing is that you record your life….because if you don’t, who will…..



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