Posted by: k67winn | May 23, 2013

…Go get a Life!…


Love these photos……they remind me to get up, brush myself off, and try again!

May 2013……my birthday month!

What I want to accomplish before my next birthday…..

1. To have posted at least 52 blogs.
2. To have read at least 12 great books.
3. To have written a book, or at least be in the process of: meaning that I have a significant amount of work/words on paper.
4. To take part and successfully complete the NaNoWriMo in November 2013.
5. To be living a more creative life….and taking steps to nurture that.
6. To find time and spend it with those that matter most to me…friends and family.
7. To have spent some time on the island of Chincoteague.
8. To be healthier….body, soul, and mind! Physically I would like to be at least 15 pounds lighter.
9. To finally have my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. (Not sure if this is possible….but work toward it!)
10. To put myself out there….in an effort to create the life I want. This can mean anything from joining book clubs,
adventure groups (just going
things/places that intrigue me…..even if it means I have to do it solo.)
11. Activities I would love to be part of in the time frame I have indicated, if possible.
a. Chincoteague, during the pony swim in July 2013.
b. Visit with the friends while they vacation in Orlando in August 2013.
c. Visit with friends in Philadelphia before they move.
d. Holidays with family in Virginia.
e. Do something special for New Years.
f. Blissdom in March 2014.
g. Make a sandcastle at the opening of the Jacksonville Beaches in April 2014.
h. Kentucky Derby in May 2014.
i. Creativity Retreat to Italy in May 2014, this is after the time frame but it is still on my list of things I
want to do. Fingers crossed that space is still available when registration opens to the public.
j. …….many more things that I am completely unaware of at this point.

I am so tired of thinking about things, wishing I could do this or that, and letting people and things get in the way. Time for me to brush all those things off my shoulders and get out there and create the life I want!



  1. Great idea to post all your goals for the coming year… I too have a May birthday, so I will have to look at some of my goals for this year as well. Keep up the good work, and chase down those goals 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement….sometimes all we need to do is put them down on paper…or in this case…in a blog!

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