Posted by: k67winn | May 15, 2013

……have water……will read!

mail[1] (4)mail[1] (3)I have an obsession with the water; it’s not necessarily something I can explain…it’s just where I need to be….where I belong. When I think about writing…any story that floats through my mind always seems to be centered around the water. So I find myself interested in any novel whose brief description places the setting of the story around oceans, beaches, lakes, islands, etc.

I was reading my Sunday paper last week and of course I cruised the book section to see if anything looked interesting. On this particular Sunday, there was a write-up about a local author; Charles Martin, and his newest novel…..Unwritten. The novel’s setting is in/and or around the Florida Keys….so instantly I was hooked. The article went on to say that Mr. Martin was having a book signing at a local book store…so despite the fact I haven’t read any of his work…..I had to go (it didn’t hurt that the book store was a block off the beach either.)

Mr. Martin was very charismatic, reading to the large group that squeezed into the quaint bookstore, answering questions, and wooing us in general. If Unwritten is as good as the author’s talk, then I imagine I will end up a life long fan.



  1. I have the same feeling about water…which is why Hong Kong and Seattle are two perfect cities for me. It is calming but incredibly mysterious as well.

    • I’m not quite so adventurous as to go to Hong Kong, but would like to go to Seattle one day….I vaguely remember reading something about the coastlines and waterways there….

  2. You’d definitely like Seattle and especially the Oregon Coast…waterways of the Puget Sound of Seattle are fantastic, but if there is one place to lose yourself in dreams, it is on the Oregon Coast.

    • Wow….I will definitely have to do some research on the area…..

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