Posted by: k67winn | May 5, 2013

I am a WRITER….of 52 posts….at least!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yesterday, I became a year older….I wish I could proclaim it the best birthday yet…but in reality it was another non-stellar example of my everyday life. I had created this fantastic birthday weekend trip – and at the last-minute I ended up bailing on it – very typically me. I need to break this cycle of funk that I have been in for more years than I care to count. I am taking the first step today….by publicly declaring myself to be a WRITER!!! This is a big step for me… I have known people who openly talked about writing and being a writer and I would initially think, “how high on themselves are they?” Stating that one is a writer is equivalent to saying people will be interested in or entertained by what I have to say…how egotistical is that? Later, I would start to admire how brave these individuals are…putting their naked thoughts out there for others to judge, scrutinize and ridicule. Finally I have come to the realization that writers don’t write for other people….they write for themselves…just as the musician plays, the surfer surfs, the artist creates! Many of us have a drive to do something ….an innate drive that cannot be explained or described…it just is. So today I declare myself to be a WRITER….it may not be how I earn a living…but it is who I am. Kind of wishing I had a mountaintop to shout it from….but realizing that the climb to said mountaintop would probably render me breathless….defeats the purpose! So I am officially out of the closet……I can write in the open….and when asked what I am doing; I will say loud and proud….I am writing….because I am a WRITER!!!
I am challenging myself to write 52 posts (because I am a WRITER), from today to this time next year. This is not an overly ambitious goal… it is just a post a week, and I do write in a journal or notebook of some sort several times a week. I am not binding myself to any set of rules; length is not relevant nor is the subject matter. I am just interested in seeing where “openly” writing will take me or what it will bring to my life. Let the adventure begin.



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