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Currently (6/25/15)

I like the idea of posting a “Currently” list, possibly because it’s a mix of a lot of different things in one’s life.  I have seen many bloggers do similar listings and I enjoy reading them… here’s mine:


Watching:  Sherlock (on Netflix)

Writing:  Daily Journal, To Do List, and this Blog

Reading:  The Mermaid Collector (just finished), will be starting something else today….which leads me to …..

What’s on my bedside table:                                                                                  bedside

  • Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor; A Master Class on Mentoring, Motivating, and Making it Work! By Tim Gunn with Ada Calhoun
  • While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax
  • Holy Cow by David Duchovny
  • Meet Me In Atlantis by Mark Adams
  • Novel Living: Collecting, Decorating and Crafting with Books by Lisa Occhipinti
  • Mind Your Body; 10 Core Concepts For an Optimally Balanced You by Joel Harper

Listening:  Turning Inward (podcast) with Dr. Vivian Carrasco.  I am not only listening to this…..I am taking notes; loving it and have had several aha moments (and I’m only on the 6th one).  Take a listen… won’t be disappointed!

Making:  Working on DLP (Documented Life Project) over the last few days.  Some of the pages are easier to do than others…..and like everything in my life….I tend to be behind on it!  So last night I finished Week 8 (Feb. 21).

Theme:  Layers You Will Love

Art Challenge: Repeating Elements

Journal Prompt: It’s Worth Repeating


Feeling:  Lots of personal drama going on, so I’m a mixed bag of emotions at the moment.  However, for the last few days I’ve been feeling free, light, like nothing can hold me back…..It’s my time!

Planning:  Lots!!  I’m planning on a trip home to see my nephew christened.  I’m planning on returning to college and completing my degree.  I’m planning a trip to a motivational conference (if I can scrape up the funds).

Loving:  Lots of things……Turning Inward and DLP (mentioned above)… morning elixir; Starbucks Skinny Caramel Macchiato (chilled espresso beverage)….my evening elixir (last nights) Stella Rosa Black!

stella black

This was fun!


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“Dawn Patrol”

Love, love, love statues….so I could not pass up the opportunity to photograph this fabulous one at JAX Beach.  I’ve seen it before….even photographed it before….at night….and on a gloomy day…..but nothing lights a statue up like a bright clear day!  The statue is called “Dawn Patrol”, and it was created by J. Seward Johnson in 2009.

statue4 statue7 statue8

Then my son couldn’t resist getting in on the photo shoot…..statue statue3 statue5


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People Watching 4/9/15

What do a strolling mariachi band, butt cracks, and a child gymnast have in common? These are all things I witnessed first hand from the comfort of my beach chair!  Yes, I tell you the beach is an amazing place to watch people… put that book down…..and take a look around….there are a million stories walking right in front of you.

I had company in town last week, and we decided to spend a day at Jacksonville Beach.  The water was like ice, but who cares when the sun is shining and the temp is in the 80s!  I had taken a book with me to enjoy while basking in the sun….but found that I was thoroughly distracted by the parade of characters in front of me.  So, I made a list for you of….


1. A three man strolling “beach style” mariachi band.  Yes!, they were actually playing the instruments as they walked up and down the beach…..and we caught the show twice!


2. A girl doing front walkovers beside her parents as they walked along the shore line.  She really was amazing…she did like 20 in a row right in front of me.

3.  Too much butt crack!  This one woman’s bathing suit was so low that more butt crack was exposed than was covered up!

4.  A RESCUE!  Everyone was OK – swimmers must have been pulled out too far by the current.


5.  My son talking up some girlies who were sunbathing next to us.

6.  A man who went into the ocean with sweatpant UNDER his gym shorts.  This was a repeat performance about every half hour.  That’s a lot of heavy material once it gets wet!

Next time I go to the beach…..I will leave the book at home and carry a notebook and pen instead!  So many stories!!


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Mermaid Monday 4-13-15

Happy Mermaid Monday!  Hot date with the DVR tonight.


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Mermaid Monday 3-30-15

Happy Mermaid Monday!!

………because every Mermaid needs a little shimmer in her life!


These would be great for an Easter basket if I had an age appropriate girl in my life.  Age appropriate!!  Don’t know why I said that… I know I will be buying a pack or two for myself…..I’m already wondering about melting them for an art project!

Have a lovely week.


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Whale-Eyed Tree

I love trees.  They are beautiful and it seems the older they get the more beautiful and full of character they become (kind of like people!).  Last month, on an outing to Kingsley Plantation, I was admiring all the trees dripping with moss, when this guy caught my EYE!DSC_0051

It was strange really, as no one else seemed to notice him.  To others, I suppose, I was just that odd ball taking pictures of random things.  I easily took a dozen pictures and had to drag myself away from his mesmerizing stare, to finish my tour.  Last week I returned to the plantation, telling my son; who came along, that I wanted to do the audio tour this time.  The truth was I wanted him to see my Whale-eyed tree.

DSC_0052 (2)

It was gratifying to hear him say that his favorite part of the Kingsley Plantation was the tree.  I have a feeling he will look at trees a little differently now, if only to look for their character.


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Mermaid Monday 3-23-15 Edition

Happy Mermaid Monday…..

I stumbled upon a website called Mermaids of Earth (; and am enthralled that they are mapping all (well, they are trying to) all publicly owned mermaid statues.  I imagine this to be a really large task, as I have discovered from a Google search that there are many, many mermaid statues out there.

Interestingly, Mermaids of Earth’s most recent post is about a mermaid statue in Tampa Bay; called Ama.  This particular mermaid has human legs and is carrying her tail/fin.  It’s a beautiful statue.

Picture courtesy of Mermaids of Earth.

I do love statues and have the photos to prove it……this makes me want to go statue hunting around my town and see what’s out there!  As Barney would say….Challenge Accepted!

Until next week…..Cheers!

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Mermaid Monday 3-16-15

Happy Mermaid Monday…..March 16, 2015 edition.

About nine months ago, I purchased a piece of art at Ikea.  I liked the piece as she reminded me of a mermaid, despite the fact that the painting lacked the normal color schemes of blues and greens that one would associate with a mermaid painting.


Fast forward to this past week….and I was poking around on Pinterest and they had some suggestions for me based on my pinned interest…..and low and behold there was the painting.  The piece (above) I purchased at Ikea is a copy of a portion of Gustav Klimt’s painting Water Serpents II that he did in 1904.  Now, I have spent the last week staring at the painting…..wondering how I never realized that it was indeed a mermaid…..and now that I KNOW…..I see dozens of little fish in the painting that I never noticed before.

Gustav Klimt’s Water Serpents II (what the original canvas looks like)

Naturally I have now done a bit of research on Gustav (yes, I feel like he and I are on a first name basis now), and am really drawn to his work….he seemed  to paint a lot of really strong women which I believe is a bit unusual for the time period.  So much of Gustav’s work is noted to have sexual undertones and symbolism in it, but that seems to be par for the course in art history.  Needless to say…..I love my picture all the more now that I know it’s a mermaid.  Serendipity at it’s best!


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Mermaid Monday 3-9-15

Happy Mermaid Monday

I knew that I had a deep kinship with Mermaids….and that was confirmed when I discovered there was such a thing as Mermaid’s Wine Glasses (algae).  Apparently a girl with a fin tail needs her wine as much as those of us with two feet!  The Mer girl is probably a little smarter, as she is drinking her wine and getting her daily serving of greens at the same time!

The vessel, however, is a little small for me!


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Mermaid Monday (on a Tuesday) 2-24-15

I didn’t have a big week for Mermaid sightings…..but a few amusing things popped up on my radar.

A friend sent me a text saying that Home Depot sells Mermaid cabinet knobs….and sure enough they do.  I will have to get a couple for the top drawer of an old dresser I have.


Now for some Mermaid Madness…..

I find it amusing that Mermaids have a way of popping up in conversations (fictitious and real) when you least expect it.  I was watching an old episode of The Big Bang Theory on my DVR and was tickled when Raj and Sheldon mentioned them. Sheldon was wondering how mermaids have babies, and Raj answered that they lay eggs on rocks….check it out below.

I was a little disappointed that Sheldon did not argue Raj’s explanation…..surely they should have debated whether a Mermaid is a fish or a mammal (laying eggs vs live birth)!!  Oh well!

Cheers….till next week!

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